Sunday, 19 July 2015

Scrappy key lanyard

I have made another scrappy little project: a key lanyard for my niece!

My niece is 11 now and uses her own key from time to time, so I made her a nice key lanyard she can wear as little, useful accessory.

I picked one of my favourite fabric scraps and cut them into even widths (3 times as wide as the metal clip thing). I used fusible batting as an inlay and folded the fabric edges in to the required width and quilted in straight lines.

My niece loved it and I will make one for myself when I go over to the US to attend QuiltCon in February 2017 in Savannah!!


  1. Looks really great! What a nice way to keep "track" of her keys :)

  2. So cute! I imagine it was pretty fun to make, too :)

  3. Tolles Schnipsel-Verwertungs-Projekt =) Ich überlege auch 2017 zur QuiltCon zu fliegen.