Tuesday, 1 March 2016

QuiP #6 revisited - Halo 27q

My husband loves music.

He started listening to music from an early age and is still constantly looking for interesting new bands and releases. Our house is full of tapes, Vinyl, and CDs... preferably special editions.

He never (illegally) downloads music but rather pays for the physical product because he knows how much work and effort goes into making music and how much musicians struggle these days trying to make a living out of it (unless you sell a million copies of your albums). In the early 1990s he has been in an industrial rock band called Arcane Asylum and fulfilled a life long dream by writing his own songs, performing on stage and designing the band's EP covers and gig posters.

Emmet O'Connell and Gerry Owens - Arcane Asylum 1992

Not only does he buy music, he also goes to concerts - a lot. He took me to many, many gigs as we lived in Dublin, Ireland and introduced me to bands I had never heard of. Not that I haven't been to concerts before but the variety of bands we went to see, especially from alternative bands, opened up a whole new world for me.

There isn't any particular music style you could place his taste in. If you were to look at his iPod you wouldn't believe it's the same person listening to all of the music which is saved on it.
But there is one style he is particularly drawn to, and that's electronic music.

And there is one band in particular he is a huge fan of: Nine Inch Nails.
As a real music nerd he, of course, still has old concert tickets from the time he lived in London, UK like these ones:

Tickets in the early 90s cost 7.50£... I guess everyone starts off somewhere...
We've been to New York in 2008 and also visited his brother in Canada as I first saw a show by NIN in Toronto and was blown away. It was supposed to be their last show.. thankfully it was not.

Last year I had the idea of making him a quilt and I wanted to incorporate his favourite band logos in it. Turned out there aren't that many band logos which you can sew, so I had asked him  how we can design his quilt. Very quickly we selected the beautiful graphics from NIN's album 'The Slip' (aka 'Halo 27') designed by the incredible talented Rob Sheridan. Every song has a different graphic, which nicely appears on the iPod when you play them. And they come handy in squares and 'sewable' forms.

So we printed the individual graphics, my husband picked all the fabrics and assigned the colours to the song graphics.

I wanted the squares for the quilt to be 20x20'' so we printed the graphics out to roughly half the size. I measured and calculated and improvised a lot to get the proportions right.

Most of the graphics were really easy to sew. With some I needed to do some pretty unconventional measures like partial seems and such.. and I even did my own paper piecing pattern!!! Who would have thought!

I am pretty smitten by how the quilt top looks and I can't wait for the quilt to be finished. I am working on the quilt back right now and will hopefully bast and start to quilt soon. I will reveal more photos of the finished quilt when we found the right location to take photos.

My husband names most of my quilts and of course he named his own one: Halo27q.

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  1. I am so glad I stopped by and read this lovely post. The quilt is going to look amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing.


    1. Thank you so much, Soma, I'm happy that you stopped by too!

  2. How wonderful! I would have had no idea that individual songs have icons, but since they do, what a great idea to put them into a quilt. Looking so wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer, I can't wait to have this finished!

  3. What a lovely idea! Such a personal quilt with a story. He will treasure it, for sure.

  4. What an amazing undertaking/adventure! It reminds me how, when I started quilting(years and years ago) I put a lot more into the whys of my quilts...now I tend to make more on a whim. I just love how this is being developed, and your husband's participation! Kudos, Ms Daniella!!!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! Some quilts mean more than others, and this one definitely means a lot!