Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sewing block

Sometimes the work on a quilt seems overwhelming.

Do you know that feeling of slight frustration while working on a quilt? That feeling that there is no end to it and that this quilt will never be finished? Well, that happened to me.

I am in the middle of quilting the quilt for my husband and I'm kind of stuck. I have the very ambitious aim to quilt every block in a different style and different colours. All quilting is done on my home sewing machine although this could have been a better job for a long arm. (Thankfully Dorthe of lalalaPatchwork has one amazing machine now, so next time I'm that ambitious with my quilting I know where to go!!)

It's not that it's not looking the way I'm hoping for, I'm actually quite happy with the way it's turning out.
I just have feeling it takes forever. Maybe it's the colours? Grey, grey, grey, grey, grey black, oh and red!

We also have a lot of rain and thunderstorms here, summer just doesn't want to come.

I'm usually working on a few projects, but not too many. Too many unfinished projects make me feel unease and I loose focus. That also happend to me.

To distract me from my never ending quilt I started other projects. Too many projects for my taste.
I have three pillow cases in the making, I'm still seam ripping my Sea Breeze quilt every now and then, I'm playing with my design wall rearranging my tulip bee blocks and dreaming of at least three more quilts to make.

So I stopped blogging and I also stopped sewing. Sewing and writer's block, so to say. Creative slow down.

I think these 10 Tips to Instant Sewing from Debbie of a Quilter's table brought me back on track.
Time obviously is an issue. But I decided to take it slow and not put too much pressure on myself, sewing is supposed to be fun, isn't it? To be organised with that sometimes very little time is key.

So made a To Do List and will stick to it. Working my way through my projects making sure I have gratification and fun in small steps.
Because not sewing and not blogging is also not a solution!

So please go ahead and encourage me a bit, I think I need that right now  :0)
Linking this to Modern Patch Monday of the Modern Cologne Quilters and to Sew Cute Tuesday at Blossom Heart Quilts. 


  1. The little snippets of your quilt are looking awesome! I agree too many WIPs can feel overwhelming, but now that you have a plan I'm sure you'll do great!

    1. Thanks, Becky! I already feel better about my WIPs and also started to strike off the first things from my ToDo List!

  2. I guess we can all relate. Great link from Debbie. Why don't you link to modern patch monday? We would love to have you.

  3. Hallo Daniela,
    sometimes all the projects and ideas are too overwhelming and get you stopped. That is probably part of the process. At that point I like to clean and reorganize my sewing space. Afterwards I feel a lot better and know what to do and what to finish next. I like the glimses of your new quilt.
    However, if you are really able to stick to your To Do List I am more than impressed.
    Greetings from Bonn,

    1. Cleaning up the sewing room is almost like cleaning up your head, isn't it? That worked for me too, although I don't have a sewing room as such, but I still cleaned up! And it helped!

  4. Dear Daniela,

    sometimes I feel the same. What works out for me is to do little projects in between, to have the good feeling of success. This recovers the energy I need to go on.

    Best wishes

    1. Yes, that's my new strategy as well. A little finished project here and there is good for the soul!

  5. Hallo Daniela,
    ein schönes Projekt! Das Ergebnis sieht schon so schön auf und dein Mann wird sich freuen.
    Viele Grüße

  6. oh I'm happy to encourage! It will feel SO good to have that big project done!! Maybe squeeze in just 1 section a day before dinner or ??? My daughter, also overwhelmed with her wips, took the tack of working on the one closest to being finished. Whatever, know we enjoy you blogging, and keeping in touch with your community hopefully will encourage you along! Thanks for the shout-out btw! ;-)

    1. Thank you, Debbie! That's the great thing about this community, talking about it and getting to know that almost everybody has experienced similar issues. Thanks for the support!

  7. Thanks for the link to the 10 tips. They are motivating - so I hope you have found some that work for you. I am keeping my fingers crossed (as long as I don't need them for my own WIPs).

    And I think the quilt will be amazing with all the different quilting designs.

    1. Thanks, Mel! Yes, it works already! Can't wait for the quilt to be finished now!