Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016 - a round up

The year end is always a good time to review the past 12 months. Sometimes I have a feeling I have not accomplished that many things but if I'm looking back I just realised how much I actually got done!

So here is my quilting year 2016 in review:

I had a look at my 'Outlook for 2016' blog post and I had four quilts planned.

1. Quilt for husband - halo27q

I'm very proud of this quilt, but it was also a very long process where I was king of stuck in the middle of the year. You can read all about it here.

2. Triangle Quilt - Porcupine Playground

Oh I love this quilt so much! I'm all about quilt backs and this one is especially nice, I think. Read more here.

3. Sea Breeze Quilt - Check!

After quilting this quilt twice (well, almost) including ripping out the first quilting attempt I had my very first session on a longarm quilting machine! Now I really like this summer quilt and I'm happy it's finally finished!
Here's the blog post along with the pattern I followed.

4. Bee Quilt - Ah no...

I have a lot of super lovely and colourful tulip blocks made by my Quilty Circle of Bees but I guess this has to wait until next spring.

And the 5th 'maybe- quilt' did also not happen.

But hey, I made a good few pillows this year! I posted about three of them here, here and here. The Chevron pillow was made from left over HSTs from the pillow I made for my Mum. I added a few blocks and went with a Chevron layout. It's a nice little addition to my pillow family!

I also made the planned zipper pouch, two divided baskets (here and here) by Noodlehead.

But I didn't do the Super Tote. That goes on the list for 2017.

Some other small projects are these key rings I made as Christmas presents:

I also took part in my very first Quilt Along (QAL)! It was a small, quick project and also my first mini quilt.

The QAL was hosted by Debbie of A Quilter's Table and was so much fun. Read more about making this mini quilt here.

We also completed our first year (and a bit) of our Quilty Circle of Bees! I got to make so many cool blocks with so many different techniques. 

Let's see: We had my tulip block, we made 'scrappy mountain majesties', we had paper piecing here, here and here, we secretly made a baby quilt for one of our bees, we had improv blocks, and an own block design, and we also secretly made a pillow for one of our bees. Busy bees!

And lastly I made a lot of new friends. Online and in real life.
I went to my very first 'show and tell' with the Modern Cologne Quilters, met for a Sunday sewing meeting, got invited to be the blind date on their blog and made new friends.

But the greatest achievement was the release of my very first pattern of my Regatta Quilt. It feels so good to have a 'pattern' tab on my blog now :0) I feel like a  very grown- up quilter now.

I'm very thankful to be part of this wonderful (online) community and I'm looking forward to another eventful year!

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  1. Great post, I love all of the finishes you highlighted especially the triangle quilt. Thanks for linking up with the Best of 2016 linky party!

  2. These are all beautiful finishes. The quilt for your husband is such an interesting design and I love the back of the triangle quilt.

  3. wow. I love your beautiful work and look forward to what you do in the new year! (still also tickled the crosscut was your first qal!)

  4. Some lovely finishes to be proud of. Well done.

  5. Good you looked back because I think you finished many beautiful projects. And congrats on your first pattern :)