Sunday, 16 April 2017

Giant PLUS Quilt

I love to make quilts for other people. Especially when they can appreciate the time, love and effort which goes into making  a quilt. 

My best friend and rowing partner of 25 years Betty is one of those people. She knows all my quilts and has always admired them. One day last year she had asked me if I could make her one.

This quilt was on my To-Do-List for the year. Betty didn't have any requests as to what design or colour the quilt was to have. The only request she had was that the back of the quilt should be from fleece. She trusted me with everything else. She's a good friend!

I had a colour combination in mind very quickly. And I also knew that I needed big blocks. When you have fleece back you don't want to have dense quilting, because the fleece should remain nice and fluffy.

So I opted for a giant plus design. The individual squares are 6x6", the overall size of the quilt is 55x77" (approx. 1.40 x 1.95m).

I wanted to stick with two colours, turquoise and red in different values, but I felt that the quilt needed some extra splash of colour. My husband suggested one yellow plus block somewhere in the quilt, but I didn't agree. But yellow binding, yes! That works so well! My husband is s genius!

And that's one tiny little detail on the back of the quilt which I love. The two birds from Lotta Jansdotter's fabric 'Tipu', that's Betty and me. Sitting in a boat behind each other. I first wanted to write something on it but I know that Betty will get the meaning behind it the way it is.

I gave it to her today and she loved it, and that makes me very happy! 


  1. Wow, what a great quilt and lovely gift. Good idea to make huge squares to keep the Fleece soft. And I looove your idea behind the label - I would not have guessed it, but when you know the meaning, it is just so perfect!

  2. Very nice! And what a perfect gift!