Thursday, 31 December 2020

2020 - a round up

Traditionally my round-up posts are a compilation of all my projects, big and small. Since I only wrote like 9 blog posts this year here is a summary, which is a bit more expansive than usual. 

2020... where to begin? Well, maybe when the world was still in order and we could travel and hug people. 

This year started with a visit at QuiltCon in Austin, Texas. 

I had two quilts in the show, one of it was Define Gravity and it was in the small quilts category. 

The second quilt was Fade to Grey which hung in the Modern Traditionalism category. I participated in the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2019 with this quilt. 

QuiltCon again was a fantastic event, it was my third time attending and I met old and new friends and had a great time. 

I took part in the mini quilt swap and swapped quilts with Audrey from Cotton & Bourbon

This is Audrey and me exchanging quilts, you can read more about Sugar Rush, the quilt I made, here

I've actually made two mini quilts for the swap and didn't really like the first one, but it grew on me and now I'm happy that I made it. It's an adventure into monochromatic log cabin blocks that will be further explored! 

This is B.O.W. and I wrote about it here

Well, and then, two weeks after QuiltCon, the Corona Virus hit and turned our world upside down. Including mine. 

I did finish my Triangle Sew Along mini quilt, which was organised by Nicholas Ball of Quilts From The Attic. I really like his book 'Inspiring Improv' and that is one technique from it. 

This is Pineapple Parfait and it was an experiment into the use of colour as well as exploring a new technique. 

I wasn't in the mood for sewing or blog post writing at all. I did finish one large quilt though, that was three years in the making. However, all I needed to do was sew the binding on. That seemed doable. Because for the first time I sent a quilt to a longarm-quilting-service, to Rachel Hauser to be exact. 

This is Playground and it was a colour and value experiment.

I made two zipper pouches from scraps, one is an oversized open wide zipper pouch I made for a dear colleague that left my office. 

Playing with scraps was something that kept me going. I made another boxy pouch following the pattern by Katie Pedersen

This one was made from left overs from the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2019 Fade to Grey, which you've seen at the beginning of this post. 

Another zipper pouch was made using the Quilt-As-You-Go method. 

During summer I took out all my other left overs and started piecing tiny fabric pieces together. It felt good to make something small into something big, to make something whole. 

This one here is actually made from left overs from my Emerald City Quilt. My intention was to make a pillow to match the quilt, the size of this panel is about 25" square. I quilted it in an X-from, and then mirrored the quilting  1/4 " apart - it got so distorted that it needed intense blocking and even after that it looks terrible.  I love the colours and all but this panel is kind of a representation of 2020.
I have more of those scraps and will make another panel that will then turn into a two-sided pillow. I'm sure the pillow will look good once it's finished but this piece left me a bit frustrated. 

I finished a bee quilt which I love very much. This is Trip Todd, a quilt for Triplets. 

And I made more of Biene's adventure blocks. 

We did not go on holidays at all this year (social distancing and all), but we went on some really great walks with Biene. Her face is getting so white! She will turn 10 in February, she's still very fit and goes running with me twice a week. 
There's only five blocks missing and then her all the quilt blocks will be complete. I'm planning on having the quilt finished in the new year!

And then there was Metamorphosis, the only quilt I submitted to QuiltCon together. 

This quilt started with large scale blocks, which I didn't like. So I cut them up and pieced them together, a very exciting new design emerged! Metamorphosis was the only QuiltCon submission this year, and was not accepted into QuiltCon together. My good DSLR lens broke during the year (can 2020 be any worse?) so I wasn't happy with the photos. Maybe that was the reason for the rejection or the many, many really good quilts that are entered into the Improv Category. Anyhow, I hope to get the lens fixed and try again next year! 

I have one last project to show you: Athos & Oscar. 

This two-sided quilt is very dear to my heart and was definitely a special project of 2020. 

Looking back on all my projects during 2020 actually doesn't make me feel too bad, I thought sewing wise this year was a whole disaster... turned out it wasn't. And the good thing is I have some very exciting projects for 2021 lined up. 

Thank you all for your support, I appreciate every single one of you! 

Linking this up to Cheryl's Best of 2020 Linky Party, hop over to Meadow Mist Designs and look at all the great quilts people made! 


  1. You had such beautiful finishes this year, I remember seeing the first two at QuiltCon, I loved them! Thanks for linking up and Happy New Year!

  2. I think when looking back that we are all surprised at what we had achieved in the sewing room this year. Nice work.

  3. Great quilts! And I felt the same way before I realised how many quilts I had actually finished. This year really messed with perception. All the best for 2021. Excited to see what fun you have lined up! xo Melanie

  4. Very productive year for you & many of us have been surprised by the amount of sewing we've done. Hopeful New Year & take care.

  5. I'm glad you did an extensive post for the Best of 2020 Link Party, your fresh modern quilts are SEW inspiring. Best of luck on a productive 2021!

  6. Not a sewing disaster at all! A beautiful year of creating for you!