Friday, 7 March 2014

Wintry quilt #2 - 'lotta'

My Mum has admired my first quilt 'my furry friend' so much that I thought the second quilt I finish should be for her. And as I mentioned before I bought loads of fabric by Lotta Jansdotter so I decided to make my Mum a similar quilt to my own.

I went with the orange fabric line and combined it with brown, grey and lots of white. It has the same light grey fleece back and the same straight line quilting. I called it 'lotta'.

I gave it to my Mum on the day we took these photos, I will never forget her face when she said: "For me?"
Every evening she wraps up in it sitting on the couch and that picture makes me smile all the time!
What is there better than giving someone a hand crafted present which provides warmth, comfort and something beautiful to touch and look at!


  1. What a great use of Lotta's fabrics! Love this quilt :)

    1. Oh, thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated!