Sunday, 1 February 2015

Fresh start - please comment

New year, fresh start.

As I started my blog in March last year I didn't know that I only made commenting on my blog posts available for Google+ users... I want to change this now as some people stated that they would love to leave a comment but don't want join Google, which is understandable.
So I checked out my settings and I found the box I need to untick in order to make commenting available also for non-Google account holders. But I will automatically loose ALL the lovely comments I got since I started my blog (respectively: they will not be visible anymore...unless there is a computer nerd amongst you who can tell me how I get them back???).
All these lovely comments will only visible on my Google+ account.

I have been avoiding this decision for quite some time but have now decided that I will change the settings to make commenting available for everyone with whatever account. 
I'm very sad to see my blog 'blank' with no comments at all...

So you guys, go ahead and comment and make me a happy girl again!

At this point I want to thank everyone who visits my blog and make me feel that I don't only write this all for myself! Thank you!


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    1. Definitely! I don't look back, change is good, you're right! Thanks so much!