Friday, 26 February 2016

Another divided basket for crochet hooks and wool

After I practiced on my own basket I could finally attempt the basket for my best friend Betty.

Betty loves everything green so the colour choice was out of question. Since Betty is also an avid knitter I wanted a basket for her wool and knit/ crochet projects. The green sheep fabric was just perfect!

I divided the front pocket into several sections so that e.g. crochet hooks can be placed into them. Every width of sheep was just the perfect size.

For the inside I opted, again, for light grey cross hatch fabrics and some nice green flowery fabrics for the basket divider.

I love how it turned out and hope Betty will too!

These baskets were more fun than I had anticipated and they are actually a lot bigger than I thought.
I will  definitely make more of those!

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  1. That's one very stylish basket - I love it! And the one you made for yourself - what is the pattern? I'm sure Betty will love it (I have a best friend called Beti too - Welsh spelling)!

  2. Der Schäfchenstoff ist total süß. Muß mich auch mal an diese Anleitung wagen.
    LG, Britta

    1. Danke, Britta! Der Stoff passte so gut im Bezug auf die Wolle. Und es ist wirklich nicht schwierig zu nähen!

  3. Das Schnittmuster steht auch seit einiger Zeit auf meiner Liste. Ich liebe das es dir die Möglichkeit gab es für deine Freundin passend zu machen. Danke fürs linken bei modern Patch monday.

  4. That sheep fabric is just too adorable... and perfect for a knitter! Nice coordinating accents!

    LG, Allison

    1. Thank you, Allison!! I first thought having only the black and cross hatch fabric to coordinate would leave the basket a bit bleak but I think the green sheep fabric really pops out and that's what I wanted ;0)

  5. Great basket: Beautiful fabric choices for a knitter!