Tuesday 21 June 2016

March/ April Bee blocks for Magda

I just noticed that I hadn't posted about my bee blocks for Magda!
Magda was Queen Bee already in March/ April and picked these beautiful blocks for her quilt: 

The block is called 'Scrappy Mountain Majesties' and there is a free pattern available here.
Magda picked a lovely colour palette with dark blues, purples and turquoise.

I have actually started these blocks at a sewing meeting in Hamburg in March. It's the 'Modern Patchwork Treffen' organsied by my fellow bees Melanie and Allison.
If you live in Northern Germany and want to sew with some lovely ladies make sure to contact either of  these two and pop by!

Because my own sewing machine is very heavy and uncomfortable to carry I asked my Mum if I can have her sewing machine to bring with me to the meeting.

Isn't that a beautiful machine? It's probably older than I am but its working just fine! It has just a few stitch options but straight really is all you need. The presser foot pressure is adjustable (I cannot do this on my machine!), I can lower down the feet dogs and do free motion quilting (I tried it all out!) and it has a 1/4" sewing foot. How cool is that? Oh, and the extended sewing table of course is great for quilting.

All in all a very enjoyable sewing experience. Machine, location and company that is! I'm looking forward to seeing that quilt finished, I'm sure it will be great!

If I'm feeling all vintage I might try a mini quilt with this machine, from start to finish. She makes a good photo model, too :0)


  1. Hihi, true - that's a fun photo model.

    And looking forward to having you come by again :)

  2. Hallo Daniela, manchmal wissen diese alte Arbeitspferde einfach nicht von aufhören. Goldstücke sind es. Danke fürs vorbei schauen bei Modern Patch Monday

  3. Liebe Daniela!
    Tolle Blöcke! Und die Nähmaschine erst!
    Liebe Grüße