Thursday, 29 December 2016

Bee blocks for Yara and Vicky

I have both bee blocks to show today I made for Yara in Sept/ Oct and for Vicky in Nov/Dec 2016.

It was Yara's turn for Sept/ Oct and she went with a scrappy wonky triangle block design.
The colour scheme was red/ orange/ yellow/ and purple, happy colours for one happy quilt. 
You can see all her bee blocks here.

These are all my colourful blocks. They have different heights but needed to be 4.5'' at the base. I really enjoyed a bit of Improv piecing!

And here are Vicky's blocks:

Vicky designed her own fish block, how cool are they? The requirements were azure blue background fabrics, bright yellow fish with black accents in the body of the fish.

This Allison Glass fabric was perfect for the background and the yellow Kona Citrus couldn't be any brighter. I improv pieced the black accents into this fish's body.

Since I don't have that may azure blue fabrics I went with a solid colour which matched the required blue tone. Yellow purl bracelet fabric and black cross hatch fabric complete this fish.

I had so much fun with these blocks and I'm looking forward to the see the finished project!

These were the last bee blocks for 2016. We have scheduled 2017 already and it's my turn in January/ February!


  1. It was a fun bee year! Looking forward to your bee block design. What will you pick? Curious as usual :)