Friday, 27 January 2017

Transforming Inspiration into Original Designs

I have always taken photos of structures, patterns or anything interesting that catches my eye without knowing what to do with these images, I just found them interesting. Since I'm quilting these photos got a whole new meaning: inspiration for quilt designs!

So far I have not put these images into quilt designs though, there were other ideas that need to be turned into quilts.

Insofar I found the January Mighty Lucky Quilting Club Challenge especially helpful since I was now turning these images into an actual quilt design!

There were several topics we were ask to photographs of first. This is what I've found:
Topic: Graphic Design

I've been to Munich in January to attend a huge building and construction trade fair. I really liked their logo on the facade panels!

This is a painted sign for the delivery entry of a shop on my way to work. Nice flying geese!

Topic: plants, leaves and such

It's a bit challenging to find plants in winter but this ivy is on my way to work, and I've never really noticed it. There is so much interesting detail in these little buds!

Topic: Architectural Detail

As an architect I could fill a whole blog post about that topic but I won't bore you. I picked two images:
Top: This is the 'Excenter House', a landmark in my home town. It's build on an old bunker from WW2, has 3 x 5 stories turned at different angles. The facade is most interesting where tinted windows create a very interesting facade.
Bottom: Stairs at a sub way station between escalators. I liked the ceiling design!
(Don't ask me what that lift is doing there half way down the stairs...)

Topic: Fence 

Well, this is not really a fence, rather a facade but I still liked all the different angles it created. It's a cage for a little skater park on top of a clothing shop. Pretty cool.

Topic: Bridge/ Supports of bridges

There are probably prettier bridges than this one but the photo still created an interesting play with colours and angles.

Topic: Skyline
Bohooo! Couldn't find anything appealing.

But I found other interesting patterns like this old tiled floor. (My shoe is in there for scale.)

You could just 'copy and paste' this into a quilt!

Or these illuminated 'train tracks' at the HQ of our public transport service.

 Topic: shadows from angular structure

This is our back garden, the photo is taken out of our kitchen window.

And that's the image I was stuck with.
I sketched a few designs and and came up with this block:

It was nice to sketch again and get my Copics marker out. They still work!

I played around with layouts and since I don't have any fancy quilt design computer programs hand sketches have to do.

And this is my 'Mini Quilt Design':

I stuck to the colour scheme of the original photo and threw in a little bit of pink and I like it!

I loved this exercise and will definitely consider making this quilt!
And, hmmmmm, a quilt design computer program is now on my wish list.

Thanks, Amy of DuringQuietTimes, for this great challenge!


  1. I hope you do make that quilt. Love it.

    1. I think I will. It's a small project, so why not!

  2. Liebe Daniela,

    Was für ein inspirierender post. Toll. Da kribbelt es gleich. Ich gebe zu das ich hier eher weniger auf solche Eindrücke achte oder sie meine Augen für ihre Vielfältigkeit wecken. Als wir aber vor ein paar Jahren auf Madeira waren, da wars um mich geschehen überall lagen kunstvolle Muster auf dem Bürgersteigen. Demnächst, genauer am 20.2. Dann meine umsetzung.

    Lg Judith

    1. Vielen Dank, liebe Judith. Wenn man einmal sensilibisiert ist kommen die Inspirationen fast von ganz allein. Bin gespannt auf deinen Post!

  3. You have to make that it is spectacular! You can title it 'Out My Window'
    I named it before you have even started it, LOL. . .but I love it!!

    1. Kara, you're genius! I was wondering how to name it. Love it! Now I have to make it!

  4. That name idea is terrific! And love the train track picture :)