Friday, 18 August 2017

Improv Word Bee Blocks for Melanie

I made some bee blocks for my awesome quilting bee 'Quilty Circle of Bees'.
Melanie had a real cool idea for her bee blocks: improv words creating 'Good Wishes'.

The colour scheme was black letters on white background, just like writing on a piece of paper. Since this was an improv project I started with some wonky cut stripes.

I began with some easy letters such as 'u' and 'i'.

Ui! Exciting! These are the first letters of the word 'Musik'. This might be an unusual good wish, but I know that Melanie sings in a choir and is a big fan of music, loves to go to concerts and musicals. Since I can relate to having music as an important part in my life (not the musicals though) I opted for 'Musik' as my first good wish in our mother tongue German.

I took the photos on the back of my husband's Nine Inch Nails quilt halo27q. Very suitable background I think.

The other word is 'Familie (family). The idea behind that good wish is that I wish that Melanie's family is always there for her, for support and love and to spend time together.

I had real fun making these blocks. Some letters were more difficult than the others and I honestly needed to write the letters down to have a guide in order to sew them.

I can't wait to see all the good wishes in one quilt! There are words in different languages as well so this is going to be a fun quilt filled with lots of good wishes and positive vibes!


  1. I love your good wishes. Thank you! And the look is very nice and modern. I have received most of my bee blocks, so I think it is time I put them up on a wall to see how they look together. Maybe on Sunday... xo Melanie

  2. These turned out great! I decided to send Melanie "good wishes" in HER native language insted of mine. Somehow it just felt right to do them in German. Mine will be the only cursive words in her quilt because I think I was the only one who did applique. LG, Allison

  3. Eine wunderbare Idee und Umsetzung. Ich bin gespannt, wie das Endergebnis aussehen wird =)