Monday 21 May 2018

Biene's Summer Adventure Quilt - Block #2+3

We're having so much fun with Biene and I can't wait to show you more summer adventure quilt blocks.

We are having fantastic spring weather here with temperatures that feel like summer already (27C / 80F). So we decided to go in the forest and remain in the shade, otherwise it was just too hot.

So this is the first imrov tree block for the quilt and it has very subtle colours. Again I used only scraps and worked with what I had on hand.

We had a lot of fun and enjoyed a long walk.

Who would have thought that Biene is such a poser?!

The following day we went to my Rowing Club and Biene went for a swim. The previous owners told us that she loves to swim and we could see it recently that she attempted to hop into every pond she saw. (Not every pond is suitable for a dog swim though, especially not with lots of birds currently breeding at the banks.)

Usually we don't let her play with tree branches but in the water it was an exception.

So and that is block #3, I used some Alison Glass fabric from her collection 'Sun Print Bike Path' in blue to represent the water, some green for the river banks, birds and flowers and a blue sky.

She hopped into the water a couple of times but was dry very fast in this lovely weather.

And that's Biene with the quilt block pinned to our boat house timber facade. As if she knows that this quilt is going to be about her and our adventures!! She looks so good!


  1. I don’t remember how to pronounce her name, but I love
    to see her, and think this is a wonderful quilt idea, Daniela!!!!

    1. I love these blocks too and I'm so excited where these adventures take us! You pronounce her name 'Bee-na' - means 'bee' in English!

  2. aww. Love that last photo! ;-)

  3. Love following along. It is so great you found a way to do your own summer adventure quilt. And your photography is so perfect!